Thinking made easy (Book review)

"Human brain is a complex structure. The better understanding of it can open in-numerous possibilities"
Author Mr. P R N Mohan, an ex-service man by profession, is a post graduate in defense studies and management science. "Thinking Made easy" is an attempt by him to explore the technical aspects of human brain construct. The book scientifically reiterates the traditional wisdom of non-formal education, apart from academics which inculcates a rational thought process in every human being. The author has tried to convey his thoughts about the urge of new generation to overcome lassitude, procrastination and lethargy. Special credits goes to the appropriate selection of quotes/excerpts in every chapter, to substantiate the subject.

After reading the book, has changed my thought process and have given me a glimpse of what actually happens inside while a decision making situation arrives in the real world. I specially recommend the book to the youngsters who are ready to enter into the corporate world as a quick guide of "What to do?" while handling the enormous responsibility. Though the books demands certain knowledge of medical terminologies, a quick Google about the subject will act as an add on to the knowledge base. I'll give the book three stars out of five, which doesn't count the priceless wisdom I've gained throughout the reading journey.

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