Faceless (Book Review)

“Reality of being superhero is far more dangerous, than how it actually appears” 

Nizam Ahmed, a 32 year old, Microsoft employee who currently resides in Hyderabad with his family, is a debutante Author of Faceless. The idea that he has brought up was very tricky to execute but the way he has handled the overall journey is noteworthy.

Faceless has its own pros and cons in it, but this may be purely subjected to personal opinion which may vary from person to person. Some may find this close to heart, Romantic or even a potential “100 crore movie” story while some may find it utterly boring. Since the audience and readers over here in India has been nourished with fast passed over the top fictional material, the realistic writing may be a bit un tolerable. But this is itself is also a form of writing that the readers has to come across and appreciate. Faceless tries to keep balance between the real life in depth narrative as well as the fast passed Action pack thriller indigents.  
Faceless is the story of an IT geek who discovers some extra-ordinary powers within him. Kabir, a normal guy working in Techsys, is in love with his colleague Nat but unable to propose, fed up of his over loaded job thanks to his manager and to add is his friend Rick whose suggestions are making his love life more miserable. But when one fine day he notices the super powers his life changes drastically and what adventures crosses his way is the rest of story.

The light moments between Nat and Kabir are cute, while the Rick angle brings humor to the story. The first half is quiet fast paced or to say quiet positive in itself which moves the story faster but in later half something holds up the story. But everything is again matched up with the climax which is wonderful and quiet thrilling too. Over all the book is for patient readers who passes through the serious and narrative phase to enjoy the climax to its best. The impatient ones might quit in halfway, who will definitely miss a lot with references to the upcoming parts if there is any. Over all I’ll give it three stars out of five and will be adding to it to my personal favorites.
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  1. Nice Review. I think next book will be better.
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  2. Faceless....by Nizam Ahmed

    First of all i would like to thank becomeshakespeare.com for sending me books to read and review them.

    Its really like that I deliberately and seriously want to criticize the book "Faceless" and its author. Whatever I am posting and writing here in this review after reading the book, is completely based on my personal opinion. The writing, the language, the plot, the narration & every single thing of this book is abrogating & nugatory. Leaves a very amatory impression about the author and his thoughts.

    1. Faceless - what kind of a name is this ? Such a depressing and negative title. Cover page of a book with such dark feeling. I strongly felt it would have been much better if the writer would have given some adventurous name analogous to the plot.

    2. The language is very mediocre.

    3. Though the plot or idea of a superhero is really exciting but the author have killed it himself with his writing skills. He could have managed to bring this plot so beautifully but just bobbled and bumbled the whole creativity.

    4.When we are talking about the superhero thing, it has to be interesting, full of surprises, action, power pact with rainbow of super powers creating some chain of events but here in this book no creativity, originality, inventiveness and imagination is shown in this context. Can anyone ever imagine of a superhero with only one superpower throughout the book while its told that he is a defender with excessively heroic powers.

    5. From the start of the book till it finishes, it seems as if i have been watching some "C" grade movie which is a mix concept of South Indian, Bhojpuri and Bollywood cinema with abstracted ideas from various boring sources like mix of quotidian flicks and low-cost novels & stories where superhero protagonist and the main antagonist both are so predictable. The overall idea is a complete cliche. A depressing love story where the female lead never ever expresses anything properly. Instead she is a kind of conundrum to everyone.

    7. The superhero section is also not very out of the box thinking. I felt its a depreciated mix of stolen ideas from various superhero movies.

    I definitely would not recommend this book as a must read. Its very disappointing and I personally feel is totally a waste of time. I author is very kiddish and need more maturity in his writing. I am sorry to say but I seriously did not liked this book at all. I generally don't write reviews like that but this book is literally an exception. I rate this book 1/5. Overall one of the most pathetic book i have ever read.